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Nolen Nail Spa's Thanksgiving Extravaganza: Unbeatable Deals and New Fine Line Tattoo Ideas in Nashville, TN 37135


Nolen Nail Spa's Thanksgiving Extravaganza: Unbeatable Deals and New Fine Line Tattoo Ideas in Nashville, TN 37135

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This Thanksgiving, Nolen Nail Spa is your destination for pampering, beauty, and self-expression. Don't miss out on our exclusive promotions, and take advantage of our expert services to enhance your natural beauty. Whether you're looking for stunning PMU - Nano Brows, Volume Set Eyelash Extensions, a relaxing Bubbly Spa Pedicure, or the latest in nail extensions with Apres Gel-X, we have the perfect deal for you. And for those who are ready to venture into the world of Fine Line Tattoos, our tattoo studio is here to make your artistic dreams a reality. Come celebrate Thanksgiving with us at Nolen Nail Spa, where beauty meets creativity.

Thanksgiving Promotions

Thanksgiving is a time to be grateful, and at Nolen Nail Spa, we want to show our appreciation to our valued clients. This year, we've cooked up some delightful promotions to make your holiday season even more special:

Thanksgiving Promotion at Nolen Nail Spa in Nashville, TN 37135

  1. 15% Off for all PMU - Nano Brows: Permanent Makeup (PMU) - Nano Brows is the latest trend in achieving effortlessly beautiful brows that last. This Thanksgiving, enjoy a 15% discount on this revolutionary beauty service.

  2. $149 for Volume Set Eyelash Extensions: Enhance your eyes with stunning Volume Set Eyelash Extensions for just $149. Our experienced technicians will ensure you leave with the captivating look you desire.

  3. $5 Off for Bubbly Spa Pedicure: Treat your feet to a relaxing and rejuvenating Bubbly Spa Pedicure at Nolen Nail Spa. For Thanksgiving, we're offering a $5 discount on this blissful experience.

  4. $5 Off for Apres Gel-X: Achieve elegant, durable nails with Apres Gel-X nail extensions. Get $5 off this high-quality nail service during our Thanksgiving promotion.

  5. Combo Pumpkin Pie Spa Pedicure + Dip or Gel Manicure + Collagen Treatment for $125: Indulge in the ultimate pampering experience with our special combo offer. Treat yourself to a Pumpkin Pie Spa Pedicure, and choose between a Dip or Gel Manicure, both accompanied by a Collagen Treatment, all for just $125.

New Fine Line Tattoo Ideas

At Nolen Nail Spa, we're excited to introduce you to the captivating world of Fine Line Tattoos. Fine Line Tattoos are all about intricate, delicate designs that make a bold statement with subtlety. Here are some exciting Fine Line Tattoo ideas that can help you express your unique style:

Fine line tattoo samples
November Flash Tattoo

  1. Fine Line Tattoo Nashville: Embrace the spirit of Music City with Fine Line Tattoos that incorporate musical notes, guitars, and other Nashville-inspired elements.

  2. Fine Line Tattoo Studio: Nolen Nail Spa isn't just a nail salon; we're a haven for creativity. Our Fine Line Tattoo Studio offers a safe and professional environment for you to explore your tattoo ideas.

  3. Elegant Minimalism: Fine Line Tattoos are known for their minimalist beauty. Choose designs like delicate flowers, celestial motifs, or abstract geometric patterns for a touch of elegance.

  4. Nature-Inspired Fine Line Tattoos: Celebrate the beauty of Tennessee's natural landscapes with nature-themed Fine Line Tattoos, featuring trees, animals, or landscapes.

  5. Personalized Fine Line Tattoos: We can work with you to create a Fine Line Tattoo that holds personal significance, such as initials, meaningful dates, or symbols that are close to your heart.